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Our licensor Biofrontera Bioscience conducts extensive research to optimize the market potential of Ameluz® and BF-RhodoLED®. That research includes both late-stage and early development product candidates that target specific treatment needs in the dermatology market.

ProductIndication / commentsClinical PhaseSubmissionApprovalStatus
BF-200 ALAAK: Pharmacokinetics studyCompleted
BF-200 ALAAK: Safety study for use of 3 tubesStudy ongoing
RhodoLED®XLIllumination of larger body regionsFDA approval in October 2021
BF-200 ALASuperficial basal cell carcinomaPhase III ongoing
BF-200 ALAModerate to severe acnePhase II ongoing
BF-200 ALAAK: Face and scalp with pain-reducing illumination protocolPhase III in preparation
BF-200 ALAAK: Trunk & extremitiesPhase III in preparation
BF-200 ALASquamous cell carcinoma in situPhase III in preparation


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Biofrontera continues to deepen its expertise in dermatology and contribute to the advancement of treatment options that enable dermatology healthcare professionals to help improve the lives of their patients.
Most notably, Biofrontera’s research and development activities over the past decade have been improving treatment possibilities with photodynamic therapy (PDT) to make PDT accessible to more individuals.